Journey of a natural hijabi(part 1)

Hmm..where do i start?where do I begiiin? I’ve been hurt so much(in all them salons),I just neeed a friiend.could it be you?? 🎤

eeeh..sorry..but I gotta sing about my struggles y’all..

But it was all worth it.Going natural is the best hair decision i ever made.

Back to my struggles as a natural haired hijabi. When I first big chopped back in mid 2014,I still had no idea what to do with my hair. I had contemplated cutting my hair for months but I still couldn’t bring myself to do it. See, the thing was my relaxed hair was quite long by relaxed hair standards then(a little past armpit length). I was already a hijabi then but I was still feeling meself…haha..
Fast forward to 2014 in January I think..I finally decided to go natural and I had read about transitioning somewhere on the net.So the plan was to transition for as long as I could ,at least a year.but I was soo eager to see my hair all natural that I ended up big chopping after 6months.I actually cut my hair a day before eid on impulse and my mom was like

Well that reaction didn’t last long because she soon joined the gang.she went natural too.(yaay)I was happy with my decision and i had already gotten myself a fake pony under scarf to wear under my hijab.
Now I had this kinky hair texture and I had no idea what to do with it..then I started watching natural hair videos and reading natural hair blogs and …


first blog post (obviously)

So for my first blog post I will talk about being a being a natural haired hijabi in Ghana and the challenges i have faced and how I have been coping.

So until recently, the natural hair movement has been almost non existent in this part of the world.well not really but it was not a big deal.I say this because growing up we did keep our hair in its natural state especially those of us who went to public schools but we kept it short and we did not really know what to do with it or take care of it, so a lot of us after high school ran to the salon with relaxers to get our hair relaxed.

In my case, my hair was natural up until junior high where I was instructed to chop off my hair like everybody else in the school. So my hair was short and natural until a few weeks after I completed senior high school.i finally got my hair relaxed and i kept it that way until jan,2014 when i decided to go natural.i big chopped after 6months of transitioning. And i have never looked has not been easy though but i have and i am enjoying every bit of this journey. I will talk about some of my challenges in my next blog post.
God bless😘